While I was working for WalletHub, we decided to create a project management web-based app, which is focused mainly on time spent while working on various projects and tasks. So, we called it MyHUB. 

My Role in this Project:

I was responsible for creating it from start to finish. In this case, it was wire-framing on paper, and then bringing ideas to actual design. Sadly but this App never got released, but design were finished.


User of this web-based app needs to have an option to add different clients like marketing department, research or analyst team. The user should have an option of adding different projects and assigning them to a specific client. The app should allow required functions of detailed time reports, breaks, days off and similar functions. 

While working on a specific task, the user should have an option of stopping the task and taking a break. It should be easy to understand an existing situation of spent hours, total number of clients, etc.