Simonas Gentvilas

Member Of Parliament at Lithuania, Lithuania

True and creative professional

Justin Ross Lee

Published Author | Travel Expert

Roland is an exceptional talent in visual design. Working together was a refreshing and cathartic experience. Roland submits revisions expeditiously, ahead of schedule, and in excess of what was required. As is a “direct” communicator, Roland works efficiently and holds great respect for the client’s time. With a keen eye for details, Roland is a true professional who sets an example to all “so-called experts” in this space. Hire him for your next project and don’t look back; You’ll thank me later.

Nona Punka

Marketing Manager at EQUIIS Technologies Switzerland AG

Roland and I, we worked together on a couple of projects in the past, but now we are on a daily basis working at EQUIIS Technologies Switzerland AG, he delivers a rare combination of creative conceptualization and incredible design - EQUIIS team are simply thrilled with the results!
Working with Rolas is effortless - he has the business savvy to quickly grasp concepts and turn out exceptional visuals with very little revision required - and all within the committed deadlines. I can't say enough about the quality, the speed, the attention to detail and the effectiveness of her work!
It's a pleasure to work with Roland in all the ways! 

John Alvvino
Marketing Manager at WalletHub, USA

I had an opportunity to work with Roland on a number of different projects related to our digital marketing and growth strategies. He was instrumental in capturing and communicating our brand message and values through thoughtful and careful design. He works quickly, takes feedback in stride, and is a true pleasure to work alongside. 
Roland often brought new and unexpected ideas to the forefront, defending challenging concepts with a well-defined understanding of the brand's values and long term goals.
In doing so, he demonstrates a passion for his craft that quickly set him apart as one of the firms' top performers.  In short, I confidently recommend Roland for a position as a visual designer. 

Sona Bill
Marketing Manager at POWER Secure Lighting, USA

Roland has been working with our company on an as-needed basis for about two years now. Our projects have included print design and front end website/UI design. Roland’s keen eye and modern design style would make him a great asset to any design team! 

Ville Simola
VP of Partnership at CHECKMYLEVEL, Estonia

I had the pleasure of working with Roland in my previous startup. He worked as a subcontractor as did most of our company's designs including website, online reporting service and brand identity. It was very easy to work with him since he was flexible and always delivered even with a very tight schedule. He could clearly understand the startup mindset. In addition to graphic design, he was also able to think with a business mindset e.g. how can we improve the design to help increase online sales. In overall, I can strongly recommend Roland for any design related work or a project. 

Justas Seibokas
CEO at Integrus IT, Lithuania

Roland is one of the best designers our company has worked with (tried quite some web designers before met him). He did a few website and logo designs for our company. Projects were made always on time, our clients were always happy. Plus it's very easy to work with him - we give project description and requirements (sometimes small wireframe) and he makes perfect first drafts already from the first try than just tiny improvements and project can go live!

Odysseas Papadimitriou
CEO at WalletHub, USA

Rol is super productive and the most efficient designer on Adobe XD and Photoshop I have ever witnessed!

Ted Ace
E-commerce, Retail, Spain 

Roland is always a pleasure to work with. He gets the idea of the project very fast and then can work mostly independently with some questions asked here and there. Roland is a true web designer, who takes project goals, requirements as guidelines and delivered result almost always exceeds expectations.

I would recommend Roland to anyone in need of great quality design work! 

Žygimantas Pocius

Digital Account Manager at Media House, Lithuania

Roland is a professional visual designer specializing in UI and UX. He designed various design projects for the company that I worked. He always suggests his ideas for design and UX. Roland is punctual at time schedule of the work process and does everything at the agreed price. 

Matt Bacak

#1 Best Selling Author, Founder of The Profit Coalition, Award-Winning Marketer, USA

I've hired Roland for multiple graphic design projects over the years and every time is blown away with his work. It would be a huge mistake not to work with him because he's very talented at what he does. 

Tomas Parnarauskas

Business Architect & CEO NOD BALTIC, Lithuania

We worked with Roland on an e-commerce design project and on all its concept development. Even years later, I still remember the piece we created with Roland and still using them. I appreciate Roland's collaboration skills and his positive, focused demeanor. He made a lot of advice on how to realize my dream. 

I’d recommend Roland as a design partner in projects not only as a simple designer. 

Paulius Tarbūnas

CEO at Jungtinė centrinė kredito unija, Lithuania

I have met Rolandas at Baltic talents academy, where he was my teacher in the graphic design programme. Rolandas impressed me with his customer-centric approach, creativity, attention to details and speed. Later on, I have asked Rolandas to work on a branding project for the new financial institution. In very short time he came up with visual identity proposals and full brand-book of Kreda brand for the newly established central credit union (Jungtine centrine kredito unija). Once again, Rolandas demonstrated creativity, speed, and attention to details. Rolandas listens carefully to customer ideas and transforms them into visual brand messages. I would highly recommend Rolandas for any visual &UI/UX project.