ABB Turbocharging Digital Products

Humanizing technology with the design.

I have been working for a couple of years at ABB Turbocharging in Switzerland as a digital product designer, taking care of various UX/UI design projects.
Unfortunately, I can't disclose my designs as they are under NDA, but here are some things that will help you understand how Im leading and shaping some digital design projects here.

ABB Turbocharging is a technology and market leader in manufacturing and maintaining turbochargers for 500 kW to 80+ MW diesel and gas engines.
 For low speed, medium speed, and high speed, big marine ships, industrial cars or trains, and even electricity supply in hospitals. We help them going. 

I'm responsible for:

• Building digital solution products for the best turbochargers in the business.
• Constantly improving existing ABB Turbocharging mobile and desktop apps.
• Creating data-heavy wireframes and mobile apps prototypes for self-service ABB products.
• Leading and structuring with product manager various design-related projects.

Tekomar XPERT for Fleets is One of my main projects where I'm taking a design lead position. Please check more about this project here -