Profiles for WalletHub


WalletHub has various profiles for its users; there are regular members, who can signup using registration form and there are profiles, such as institutions and hedge fund people. The goal was to create a profile design, featuring information such as user activity, basic information, statistics, who they follow list, etc. 

The issue was that different profile types contain different information; for example, institutions do not have their latest activity feed like regular members and hedge fund have performance dashboard with stocks that they follow, or their portfolio of stocks. Knowing all of this, we were in need of a profile design that looked and felt consistent with all the different profile types. 


As you shall see below the listed designs, all profiles have very similar header area, and the content layout stays the same across all profiles, but information inside the content canvas changes according to the profile type. 

Having two column designs and same header area design, we achieved consistent and united look for all of the profiles types. Also, an easy way to follow/check the member following, easy to message them and check the basic information concerning their contacts or the latest activity. 

Please, check the described designs below: 






Creative Direction, UI/UX Design


UI/UX Design