inTASTE - discoveries of world tastes

inTASTE is the brand about natural and pure tastes of the world and discoveries of it. I was asked to design this brand from scratch. The idea of the name, logo mark, fonts and colors everything was under my direction and inspired mostly by me. Clients goal is to sell handpicked, luxury and high-quality oils and spices from various countries. The main focus for the start is olive oils and the target is both - housewives and restaurant chefs. That's why I created inTASTE world (dark green) brand for luxury products and same brand having sub-brand inTASTE world (orange version) for products that are targeted more towards housewives. 

Here is some more story behind this brand and its logo.

In order to obtain a high quality and genuine taste, fresh products should be used, and above all qualitative ones. This is what symbolizes the whole of the logo as a whole. The drop reflects freshness and certainty in the skewer and is symbolized by oil and other liquid-based products in your future.

The sun is the energy for food and our environment. The sun also symbolizes the positive energy of the sign. By combining everything, the sign dictates the freshness, freshness, certainty and, in part, the green tone. These days, everyone is trying to buy only genuine natural and unprocessed products, and that is one of the most reliable features of this brand.

The overall style of the logo symbolizes a hand-drawn style that gives the mark a ton of closeness and friendliness. Clarity and self-confidence are expressed through a minimalist design style that is untranslated and clear.