ESCAN Antivirus


ESCAN is representing MicroWorld develops Information Security solutions that provide protection against current and evolving cyber threats. Product portfolio includes eScan and MailScan that encompass Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Content Security, Anti-Spam and Network Intrusion Prevention solutions. ESCAN is trusted and licensed MicroWorld partner created projects to help people in buying the best antivirus protection for reasonable price.  

My Role in this Project:

Interacting closely with ESCAN marketing team to create exceptional website platform to reach their goals. 

Creating wireframes and various designs, advising about user experience and design solutions. Besides that creating a logo with brand which stands out from their competitors and speaks for itself. ESCAN name stands for electronic devices or internet scanning.


Create a web based platform where they can easily showcase their services and products. Design a layout for visitors easily find what they need based on their profile. Those are home users, small or big business owners and also present an option for mail antivirus app. 

Design strong to action buttons and website layouts which can provoke users to choose and buy product. Explain why ESCAN is needed for them, what its features and benefits. Explain differences and features between products for small business, homes and etc.