Flaim - Messenger App

About the project:

Throughout the year 2018 I was working for Swiss technologies company EQUIIS, and so I had an opportunity to work on a B2C messenger app that holds a lot potential in the communication tools market. The main competitors are such apps as Viber or WhatsApp, yet there is more behind an idea that this is just a messenger. 

The idea behind the app is that users will be rewarded for the content that is shared and produced on the app. On top of that, everyone can have video and voice calls globally and entirely free of charge, also getting superior sound and video quality. 

My role:

I was participating in this project visual branding from the very beginning, and so the tone set upon happiness as well as sharing concept, and I have also built consistent branding guidelines for this app. Besides visual branding, I worked on the UI/UX design of the app, but creativity was limited due to the team of developers and also deadlines. I had to do my best with the short period we had before the release of the app.


After some time, a company that owns this app brand decided to redesign it and rebrand it again, so this branding and visual design do not exist in the market on the actual project. I just wanted to give a sense of what kind of project it was and how cool it turned out to be. Sadly, it did not live long enough.