KREDA - Unified Credit Union

About the project:

KREDA is a financial brand based on unified credit unions. 

They provide services such as:

•    term deposit;

•    savings contribution;

•    deposit insurance;

•    consumer credit;

•    credit line/overdraft;

•    a housing loan;

•    payment cards;

•    online banking;

•    etc.

The idea behind the brand KREDA is a Latin word credo, which holds the meaning of believing or trust. It is a mutual trust and shared belief in the success that led to the establishment of the united central credit union. The brand KREDA associates all the success stories of the credit unions and turns out to be one cohesive financial partner group.

My Role:

I created the idea of KREDA name, and besides this, I  designed the logo, brand visual guidelines, and all collateral marketing pieces including advertising material; social network branding, debit card design, business cards and such. 


The company that owns KREDA brand is running this business now for almost one year now and has about ~30 000 active and happy customers around Lithuania.