Its a device for a better and smarter training. Know when to work out and when to recover, optimise your training schedules for best results, avoid overtraining and reduce risk of injury. 

My Role in this Project:

Creative Direction, User Experience and User Interface Design. Interacting closely with CHECKMYLEVEL marketing team to create exceptional website platform to reach their goals. Creating wireframes and various designs, advising about user experience and design solutions. 


Create a website that the user finds easy to understand, emphasise action of buying buttons and explain as much and as clear as possible what this device is about and how it works. 


On the landing page I went for a sharp and straightforward message for what this device is about, further I added some short facts and explanations about this method. Convincing facts of WHO USES this device, I proposed to go for famous athletes pictures and names. This proved to be a good idea, as per 3 months revenue increased by 24% after website redesign and CHECKMYLEVEL received some great feedback from its users.